sala storia del museo montresor a verona
sala storia del museo montresor
How do I get to Montresor Wine Museum?
The Museum is 3km from Piazza Bra, at the gateway to Valpolicella. It can be easily reached by bus from Porta Nuova Railway Station on lines 21 and 93. There is ample parking for both coaches and private individuals. How to get there
Do I have to book to enter the Museum?

No booking is necessary for the free visit, but you need to book for the guided tour.

Advance reservations are required for all groups of 10 or more for both free and guided tours by emailing hospitality@vinimontresor.it or calling 340 8355244.

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How much is the ticket price?
The Museum is free to enter. There are additional costs for the tastings, for the two wine routes proposed. Go to the tastings
How long does it take to visit the Museum?

The estimated duration of the complete visit is about one hour.

Is the Museum open on weekends?

Yes, the Museum is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Does the Museum organise guided tours?

Yes, you can book a guided tour with tasting. The experience consists of a guided tour of the museum, of the bottling line, of the ageing cellar and a tasting of 5 wines of your choice.

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Is there a shop?
Yes, we have just opened a completely renovated wine shop. Inside you will find all labels of various Montresor vintages, as well as the opportunity to taste the wines. Discover the wine shop
Is taking photographs or videos allowed in the Museum?

Only amateur photography and filming without flash and without a tripod is allowed inside the Museum. For professional videos and photographs, a written authorisation is required.